Blogger and the video upload feature

Hello everyone, in one of my last posts I've said Blogger/Blogspot didn't offer the video feature as in Wordpress. In fact, when I wrote the post it didn't really have the feature, but Blogger's just gotten it. In fact it was released exactly on the same day I posted the summary. And it's gotten an even better feature, comparing to Wordpress, since you don't need any host for the video. You'll upload your videos directly from your computer.

That means you can now upload your pieces just like you do on YouTube, for example, into the blog, instead of just creating an hyperlink to it. This way you'll be able to make videos look like this one below in your own blog interface.

As we all know, technology is always changing really fast. So, whenever you have any doubt, please, double check it 'cause in a few minutes things can change a lot when it comes down to Web 2.0 platforms.

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