Dvolver helps motivate students

I'm always searching for nice stuff teachers of English can use for motivating their students with the web and I think one of the most interesting ones is the Dvolver website.

This is a very interesting tool for creating animated short dialogues. It's simple and easy to operate and it creates a permanent link for your students' works.

You can see here an example of a scene I've created for one of my workshops on Contemporary English. But students can creat up to three scenes in the same story.

I've already mentioned it in one of the previous posts, but since in the recent workshops I've been giving on blended learning most of the teachers still tell me they don't know the website, here I am, devoting one single post to talk about it.

It's certainly a nice way of promoting motivation towards dialogue creation in your classes. Try it out and, I'm confident, you won't regret it.

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